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Let Us Help Make Your Day Shine!

At Nod Ya Head Entertainment, we believe that music is the heart and soul of any event. Our team of experienced DJs who we lovingly refer to as "Party Vibe Specialists", Emcees, and entertainment professionals are dedicated to making your special day unforgettable. We work closely with you to understand your vision and create a personalized music experience that will keep your guests happy & dancing all night long.

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Gavin "Rook" Robinson

Partiy Vibe Specialist &

Equipment Tech

  • Gavin's musical experience ranges from his own experience in various New Metal bands as well as the things he's learned from his fathers musical experience. He has been with Nod Ya Head Ent. Since the beginning. 

  • Music Speciality: 90's & 00's Hip Hop. Current Hip Hop/ Pop Hits/ Rock Music/ Heavy Metal & New Metal

  • Personality: Relaxed, Vibrant, Poised, Confident

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Maryonna "Queenie" Brandyberry

 Equipment Tech

  • With a background in all things theatre for 4yrs and a love for music, our "Queenie" shines on the mic and excels at making your guests feel comfortable both on and off the dancefloor. She can answer any and all of your questions on the event day and she's also currently learning how to handle client relations as well. 

  • Music Specialty: Musicals & Pop Music 

  • Personality: Friendly/ Outgoing/ Likeable/ Sweet

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Robert "The Chess Master" Guillen

CEO, Flagship Party Vibe Specialist & Emcee

  • Rob has been in the world of music/entertainment for the past 23yrs and has experience ranging from performing/emceeing to concert planning and set up as well as music theory and appreciation

  • Music Speciality: 90's Hip Hop/ Funk/ Mowtown/ Oldies/ 00's Club Hits/ Old School Rock & Roll

  • Personality: Energetic, Vibrant, Engaging, Dynamic

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Alexis "Dutchess" Pritchet

 Equipment Tech

  • She has a 7yr background in both Choir and music theory which has helped broaden her understanding of sound, music, and how to run equipment. She was introduced to music at a young age and it has become her passion. She adores Karaoke as well! 

  • Music Specialty: Pop, Country, R&B, & Rap

  • Personality: Charismatic, Loyal, Perserverant, & Kind-Hearted

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